Energy saving tips that can help

I just the other day found out a really good energy saving tip.

It is a way to save money on energy when it comes to heating and air conditioning.

The trick is to not use your central heating and air conditioning system as much and instead use portable heating and air conditioning equipment. First you would buy a few portable space heaters (depending on how many rooms there are in your house). And then also buy a portable air conditioning system or two. Then what you do is use the portable space heaters as well as the portable air conditioning systems to heat and cool your home instead of the central heating and air conditioning system at certain times of the day. When I go and invest in the portable space heaters and portable air conditioning systems I am going to run the portable stuff in the daytime hours and then I will use my central heating and air conditioning system at night. This is the way to do it. And you’re supposed to see a huge reduction in your electric bills from doing this. I am going to try it and I think it should work as I read because the whole concept of it makes perfect sense to me all together. I have faith in the energy saving tips website I was reading all about this on. They have been right about other things, so they should be right about this as well with the heating and air conditioning.



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