Expanding windows in my entryway

I am redoing my entryway as well as 1 thing I want to do is expand the window that is currently over my sink, however i want to have wall to wall sliding glass windows.

I need to contact a supplier to extend the window, a window upgrade supplier, as well as I also need sunlight control window film upgrade, the space I am having windows put in face where the sunlight hits most of the day.

The reason I want the windows there is to let in light; My home is so dark as well as I feel it would be beautiful to have sizable windows that can open to let in a fresh breeze. I am aware that adding more windows as well as allowing sun is not truly energy smart, online highly advocated looking into sunlight control window film upgrade. It is a thin laminate that can be added to the interior or exterior of the window to stop the heat from the sun from coming into the house, but so I can get the benefits of having a brightly lit room, but not making my cooling method work double time to accommodate it. There are even decorative window films that have cute little patterns on them. I have loosely thought about a pattern that would go with my penny tile backsplash in the entryway, then at the end of the day, I feel I might stick with a basic film that you won’t notice. I want a more modern look. It will never go out of type as well as I don’t want to draw attention to the fact that I have treated windows.


Sun Control Window Films

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