Favorite establishment upgrades commercial HVAC

We were sort of sad to let go of one of our favorite eating spots.

And it wasn’t due to the place going under.

It was due to commercial HVAC of all things. Our favorite restaurant had excellent food, superb service and lovely ambiance. But it had the commercial HVAC equipment that was way past its prime. We live in a region where the heat and humidity play an outsized role in our annual climate. So air conditioning is a definite essential. Whether it be residential HVAC or commercial HVAC, the air conditioning has to be on point in this region. That restaurant was just brutally uncomfortable unless it was the dead of winter. And even then, it could have used air conditioning due to the open kitchen. Honestly, I don’t know how the staff was able to cook back there. We are natives of this region so for us to complain about the air conditioning is quite rare. Finally, we gave up and only ordered to go from this place every now and again. But my wife and I really did miss the full experience of that restaurant. Yet, without proper cooling comfort, we had to pass. So it was with great joy that a friend of ours broke the news that there is a new commercial HVAC at this place. Our friend went the same route as us by just getting taken out. When she went in to get her order, the place had been transformed with updated HVAC equipment. As soon as I found this out, I called for reservations and that’s the destination of our next date night.


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