Feel better with security system

My husband and I are both extremely career oriented.

We put in long hours at stressful jobs and have earned promotion and recognition in our respective fields.

Our combined incomes allowed us to purchase a home in an affluent neighborhood. We are located on a cul de sac right along the river. Over the last year, our street has been targeted for theft. Complaints have ranged from packages stolen off the front porch to breaking-and-entering. Our neighbors had expensive power tools stolen out of their garage. A couple a few houses down from us had the window smashed on their car. Since my husband and I typically leave by 8 AM and don’t return home until around 6 PM, there’s plenty of opportunity for someone to cause problems for us. I was worried about getting home before my husband. I certainly didn’t want to come across someone inside the house. About six months ago, we invested in a security system for our house. We shouldn’t have waited so long. I feel so much more at ease now. The system includes motion activated lights, automated door locks, window sensors and surveillance cameras. Through an app on my smartphone, tablet or laptop, I can watch real-time video of the property. I have access to every angle of the yard, front porch and back door. There’s no way someone could step onto the property without us knowing about it. At the end of the workday, when I pull into the driveway, lights automatically come on. The garage door responds to the location of my phone and lifts to allow me inside.

Access Control System Installation

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