Feeling chilly drafts in a home

Every time that I go to someone else’s home I like to inspect it.

  • I like to look around and see the architecture that was put into their house.

I enjoy looking at the furniture, decor and the pictures on their walls. I have a lot of wealthy friends who seem to splurge on decor for their home. I’m just the opposite, I like to splurge my extra money on clothes and shoes. My small apartment is definitely different than my friend’s big and luxurious homes. My apartment is much older and it is pretty plain. I don’t have a lot of furniture or decor on my walls. I just have a basic couch and end tables in my living room. And in my bedroom I just have a bed and a dresser. Aside from decor and items in my home, an old home comes with a lot of faults. I can always feel a draft coming from my large bedroom window. I have a feeling that when this house was built years ago that the window was not insulated very well. During the winter it’s the worst, I feel like I’m losing a lot of heat energy from my home. I think the next time that I have my HVAC technician visit to repair and inspect my HVAC system, I’m going to have him inspect my windows. My HVAC provider provides many services, including insulation measurements and installation. I’m sure that if I have him take a look at all of my windows there would be a significant amount of money saved in energy costs once my windows are insulated properly.


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