Finally finding perfect HVAC solution for my wife

The first thing I noticed after the HVAC company installed zone controlled HVAC in our home was that my wife was wearing one shirt.

This is not something I have seen in ages.

That woman has to dress in a bunch of layers in order to be prepared for different temperatures. This is true even inside our home. While the thermostat might be set on a number that she likes, the exact temperature varies throughout the house. This is true in most homes but even more so in our old Victorian house that has 3 floors. She might have to wear a sweater in the kitchen when the heating isn’t quite right in there. I mean we’re talking about just the slightest degree of difference in heating and cooling can make her uncomfortable. Honestly, I’ve really felt for her over the years. This isn’t a fun thing to deal with for sure. But I really didn’t know quite what to do about it until I discovered zone controlled HVAC and that the HVAC company can add it to existing HVAC equipment. That was all I needed to hear before picking up the phone and making an appointment with the HVAC company. Now, there are six separate zones in the house and my wife can customize all six thermostats to her liking. It’s really quite remarkable this zone controlled HVAC. And it’s really sort of nice to see my wife in just one layer as she moves around the house. Even the kids are into it. They love being able to customize the thermostat setting for their floor as well.

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