Five More HVAC Articles to go and Then I Will Take a Little Meditation Breather

I’m not sure why but today just feels very rushed for some reason. I think maybe I spent too much time online looking at open mics in the nearby city, as we are going to do one later tonight and I wanted to see which other ones are going on and on which days. There is one club in the city with really good air quality and I want to see if they are having any open mics in the future. I used to do comedy at that club a long time ago and would love to go back just to feel how it feels being in the place again after three or four years away. I’ve been living in a nice flat with central heating and air conditioning and life is nice here, but I want to push myself in the direction of my dreams and see what happens with them. I’ve always loved listening to music and now I have a little window of opportunity to play music and I want to take a hold of this chance and see how long I can ride it. I will keep doing whole home air purification installs and a/c tune ups, but I need to really focus on the practice with music and raise the bar a bit. I think if we really push it for a couple of years we could have some great songs and some fun times ahead of us. I will go now and clean my furnace filter and then I am going to take a little nap for a bit.

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