Five oil furnaces to sell

I slept so well last night and today I am full of energy. I need to try and sleep like that more often because I just feel so much better about myself when I get a good night of sleep. How did I do it? I was in bed by 9:15 pm last night and read for about an hour before dozing off and sleeping the whole night. My sleep is a bit weird and I need to do what works for me, so maybe going to bed at a ridiculously early hour is the secret for me. My air purifier hums in my room and drowns out a lot of the noise from the local business behind me. I also put up some window foam insulation outside my bedroom window to stop the noise from coming through the glass of the window. My HVAC system also helps to drown out the noise from back there when it turns on the heater for the night. I think I may just run the fan of the unit all night because the noise from the system helps to drown out the loudness from the bar behind me. They have a gas fireplace out back and a lot of people sit around the fireplace for heating and they can get quite loud, especially when they are drinking a lot late at night. I also wear ear plugs and I put noise canceling headphones over them to really seal out all of the noises of the crazy people drinking and yelling at the local business.


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