Getting the best office at home with great Heating & Air Conditioning addition

It was sort of strange to see the look on our boss’s face when I told him that I was opting to stay laboring from home.

This was absolutely the last thing he thought he’d be hearing from me.

And I understand how he felt this way. It was me who was hollering from the rooftops when the decided to close the office due to the pandemic. I was so not ready to leave the zone controlled Heating & Air Conditioning of our offices for the air conditioning at home. But our choices were limited. Either work from home in our own air conditioning or be out of a job. Of course I chose to work from home. This wasn’t something that I took to even though I suppose that was in big part due to attitude. But our feelings about laboring from home began to change after a few weeks. I got accustomed to the online meetings among other fluctuations. But what I honestly came to love was the fact that I honestly had control over our schedule in a new way. As long as I was there for meetings and such, I could pretty much work even though I wanted. My work honestly improved which is saying something as I was pretty good back in the zone controlled Heating & Air Conditioning. So when I told our boss that I was taking the company chance of staying home, he was stunned however cheerful that I would still be churning out good work. The office at home is the equal of our aged office now that I had a ductless heat pump installed inside what once was the guest room.

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