Good labor has its reward

I am a honestly taxing worker.

And in doing so I got rewarded with a good pay increase! I labor as a certified heating & air conditioning specialist at our local heat & a/c company. I have been here for about 8 years now & I have worked honestly taxing at our job. I am constantly on time, have hardly ever called in sick unless I entirely was sick, & I also would labor overtime if they needed extra help. Well this all finally paid off Last weekwhen the supervisor came & told myself and others that they were increasing our pay & giving myself and others a raise! They also wanted myself and others to become assistant chief heating & air conditioning specialist. That was a real honor & also means that I will spend more time at the office helping new hired heat & a/c specialists than being out in the field toiling on broken down central heating & air conditioning systems. It has been a long time coming & I am so ecstatic that they finally realized all of our taxing labor over the last 8 years & gave myself and others the raise I wanted. I was actually getting ready to start looking for another job at another heating & air conditioning company to get better pay. But they hit this just in time before I began looking. Which I know was a good thing because having to start over at a new heating & air conditioning company would have been quite a job to learn the new company rules & ways of doing business.




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