Had a pretty wonderful time with my wife at her flea market table

My wife made plans to have a table at the local flea market.

  • I really wasn’t interested in going, but she said it would make her happy.

So I gave in, although I wasn’t happy about how warm it was that day. The two of us were expecting to have a lot of people come through too. Well, at least I brought my portable Heating & A/C unit. I really keep it in my car because you never think when you’re going to need it. That thing has saved myself and others in many situations. I also keep an umbrella in the car for shade when needed. So I brought out the umbrella and the portable Heating & A/C unit. I positioned the portable Heating & A/C component in the perfect locale where the A/C could blow across our faces. The portable Heating & A/C component also has a unfastenable solar panel which charges the battery even while it is operating! This allows the portable Heating & A/C component to toil for a easily long time, at least if you have wonderful sunlight. The two of us had plenty of sunshine though as there wasn’t a cloud in the sky! It felt so nice being in the shade and having the A/C working on such a warm day. I really told my wife I would prefer to do that more often because it was a wonderful time interacting with all the people and getting compliments about my portable Heating & A/C component with the solar panel. I really feel that next time, both of us should set up a tent so it holds all the air conditioner inside while the solar panel is kept on the outside to collect the sun.

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