Halfway to the restaurant, I got amazing news

About a year after my wife and I got married, she planned a special celebration for the two of us.

We went to a restaurant in the city that was just recently opened. I thought it was the perfect way to celebrate our one year anniversary. On the way to the restaurant, my wife and I got stuck in traffic. While we were stuck in traffic, the air conditioner stopped working. I was absolutely miserable and upset and I was cursing and swearing at the air conditioner. I felt like the universe was conspiring against us to keep us from getting to the restaurant. My wife told me to be calm and everything was going to be okay. I tried to remain calm and optimistic, but after trying three or four different troubleshooting remedies, I was still unable to fix the air conditioner. I was frustrated, tired, and hot. By the time traffic started moving again, I was uncomfortable and filled with sweat. I didn’t want to go to the restaurant anymore. That’s when my wife decided to give me some amazing news. She planned to wait until we were at the restaurant, but she thought I could use some good news in the car. I didn’t think anything could brighten my day at that time, but hearing that my wife was pregnant with our first child was the most joyful and amazing thing that I have ever heard. For as long as I live, I will never forget that moment in the car, broken air conditioner and all.

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