Hard to find a female HVAC tech when you need one

My roommate is my grandmother, who is still acclimating to this country.

I was born and raised here, because my parents immigrated here before I came along.

It was only a few years ago that they finally convinced my grandma to join us in the United States. She is still getting used to it, but after a lifetime there may not be a lot she can change. One thing she had a big problem with is having men in our apartment. Anyone outside of the family is considered suspect by her. This presented a problem recently when the central HVAC system stopped working, and I needed some emergency repairs. I called a local HVAC company I have heard good thing about, and asked if they had a female tech they could send out. This was the easiest solution I could think of — to simply have a female HVAC tech come and do the work. The problem was they had no female HVAC techs, nor did the next two companies I called. In a bit of a snit, I posted about it on Facebook, and asked if the HVAC industry was even allowed to hire women. This generated a dumpster fire in the comments section, but it also put me in contact with a local woman who was an HVAC contractor. She was sheepish to inform me that she didn’t have any female HVAC techs at her company, either! But she was still HVAC certified, and offered to come over and work on my system personally, and do it free of charge.


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