He was lucky to get a modern HVAC system

Ben was going to miss this lake house.

He had been living in the same home for the past 17 years, and so leaving it was going to be hard.

One of the toughest parts was leaving so many memories behind, but he wanted to move in with his fiance and start living with them. One of the things Ben was going to miss most was the HVAC system. Several years ago, due to getting a particularly fantastic deal, Ben managed to get one of the best and most modern HVAC systems out there. Looking online, the price to get one of these is bonkers. Yet Ben managed to get his out of pure luck. Having it installed did change his life for the better, because it heated and cooled his home way more efficiently than any other site. Ben was impressed with it. This is before he met his fiance, so he figured this was going to be his Heating & Air Conditioning unit for the next 17 years. But he thinks it is not meant to be, and so the next homeowner is going to be a particularly lucky man. The lake house Ben is moving into is just a common central HVAC unit that is at least 10 years old, so nothing to look forward to. And getting the chance to get a new Heating and Air Conditioning unit of the same kind is unlikely, because that one time was entirely lucky. Ben is going to miss the HVAC unit and the lake house.

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