Heating isn’t working correctly in my house

I just found out the other morning that they are running a heating maintenance special at the HVAC supplier that I constantly use.

I am pretty happy about this because my furnace has been acting unusual for the past few weeks and I really think that I need to get it tuned up.

However, I have been running into all kinds of other costly repairs including our car, so I don’t really have the money for a costly heating service bill at the moment. I think it’s pretty annoying how it constantly seems to get worse before it gets better. It’s like that old adage, when it rains it pours. That is especially true for me when it comes to things around our house! Anyway, at least our local internet supplier is running a heating plan tune up special this week. As far as I know, they have never once run any kind of a special before, so maybe the universe is legitimately feeling sorry for me at this point, when I found out that they were doing a heating maintenance special,I instantly called them up and got put on the list for an appointment, they said that they were pretty tied up with the promotion, but they will make sure that I get my furnace checked out before the promotional period ends at the end of the week. I hope that they will get to me before the end of the week, because the heating just is not working in the house and the house is already getting pretty cold.

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