Heating plus Cooling is no longer an expense

Some people feel that heating plus cooling is luxury, however I have discovered plus legitimately feel that heating plus cooling is no longer a luxury, especially in this country! Every year you can hear about people who died of heatstroke in the summer time because they did not have wonderful a/c or they chose not to use it because they did not feel they could afford it.

The same holds tploy in the winter. Especially this winter, the headlines are full of people who are absolutely cold to death, either because they do not have any Access to heating or they are not using it for a single reason or the other. There have been lots of Wintertide storms, plus that means that there has been lots of power knocked out, which also means there are people without heaters. Even when the weather is not as cold as it has been, heating is vital to life. Whenever the caveman or whoever discovered fire, they did a good thing for Humanity. In addition, the nurse who discovered cooling for the hospital where her TB patients were suffering, also did Humanity a big favor. The two of us love to feel that the two of us can do just wonderful without Heating plus Cooling, plus in fact it is tploy that there are people in other countries who do not have Heating, Ventilation & A/C systems. In fact there are people who do not even have homes, plus they do manage to survive. That is not how it works in this country, but, here the two of us must have Heating plus Cooling in order to carry on each day.Even our dog looks at me funny when I try to get her to transport away from the heating vent!

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