Her plants responded well to the humidifier

Lisa was totally new to the section when my fantastic friend and I met. At first my fantastic friend and I were co-workers, and had a few interactions in the office. The one time a colleague invited us to her wedding. This was also the first social event we’d attended together, and my fantastic friend and I ended up bonding quite well. My buddy and I then realized my fantastic friend and I appreciate fashion, make up, and hiking. So my fantastic friend and I planned a hiking day during the weekend and it ended up being the best experience. Lisa and I gradually became closer, and now 5 years later, my fantastic friend and I are best of friends. She no longer works at the same business, however my fantastic friend and I live in the same area, and she is now engaged to my sister. Lisa and Matt bought a house last year in my town, and I was so blissful they would be close. The house was an amazing 4 family room bungalow, and the owner had installed a new heating and A/C system. This was a requirement for Lisa and Matt since they didn’t want to have outdated appliances or devices in the house. So, they purposely ruled out houses with outdated heating and A/C systems and worn out air ducts. The realtor managed to land them this fantastic apartment before anyone else knew it was on the market. Its owner had done an overhaul of all the appliances and devices including installing a new heating and A/C system, however she also replaced the air duct, and this was confirmed by a heating and A/C expert who came to do an inspection. Later, Lisa had to add a whole humidifier for their home. She has indoor plants, and they were suffering due to the powerful heating and A/C cooling system. Her plants responded well to the humidifier, and she is quite blissful.

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