Him being cheap is a problem

My boyfriend Steve has a lot of wonderful qualities, his worst is how cheap he is.

The guy won’t spend a dime even if it is necessary. I tried pushing early on in the relationship to split costs and get him to pitch in when necessary. It is such a fight though. Steve also gets upset if he goes outside of his really small budget that he sets for himself. I mainly buy everything that is needed in the home. It makes for a happier relationship. I do all the grocery shopping, buy new appliances and technology for the home. I also handle car oil changes, tire rotations and I even get our blacktop redone every few years. Recently our HVAC system has been making noises like it is going to die. I have looked around online for possible replacement options. I really want to do a ductless HVAC unit and have zone control in the house. I want every room to have its own indoor air handler and thermostat. It is said to be very energy efficient. I can have AC in the kitchen and it won’t affect Steve’s heating in the office. I also can adjust to having heavy heat when I sleep at night and he can have AC. It really would be convenient. The price tag is quite hefty on this one. I really would like some financial help. I know my boyfriend will go nuts over splitting it in half. He will want to just keep the slowly dying system or buy a crappy, small HVAC unit instead. I might need to foot that huge bill.


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