Hiring my first female HVAC tech

I really hate that my daughter is so much like me.

I hoped she would grow up like her mother, demuir and kind, and while she did get her mother’s sharp intellect, she got my disposition.

She is cranky, stubborn, and set in her ways, just like me. This means that as much as I love her, she drives me crazy, and we spend a lot of time debating and arguing. At the end of the day, there is nothing but love, but she feels compelled to challenge me. This time, though, as much as I hate to admit it, she may have a point. I have no female HVAC techs working for me at my company, and this is something I need to fix. Like most blue collar industries, HVAC has traditionally been a boy’s club, but maybe that isn’t such a good thing. If half of the population is female, and half of our customers are female, the fact that zero percent of our HVAC workers are female doesn’t feel like a mistake, it feels intentional. Granted I don’t get a lot of female applicants for HVAC positions, but at the same time I know I’ve never looked for any, either. I asked my daughter for help on the situation, and she showed me how easy it was by posting on social media asking about female HVAC techs. Within a day, I was in contact with three different local women who had their HVAC certification but hadn’t been able to ever find a job. I sure do feel like a fool!

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