House guests complaining about the indoor air temperature

I love my husband’s family, but for some reason whenever they visit it is for extended periods of time.

When my family comes to visit, the maximum amount of time is usually three nights. I do not mind when we have house guests, but sometimes it can feel like people are overstaying their welcome. My husband’s family has a tendency to not only overstay their welcome, but to complain about things when they come to visit. They will complain about us not having certain foods or drinks in the house, about our pets, about the weather, and about us not having cable. This last trip, they were complaining the most about the temperature inside our home. We live in the south and the weather can be unpredictable here. In the last month, our smart thermostat has turned on both the central air conditioning and the central heat at varying times. They stayed with us for about two weeks, which in my opinion is way too long. In those two weeks, the weather ranged from hot and humid to cold and dry. Naturally, our smart thermostat picked up on the weather changes and adjusted to them. My husband’s family either complained that the air conditioning was not cold enough when it was hot and humid out, or that the heat was not hot enough when it was cold out. At first, I did not give in to their complaints because our electric bill has been super high lately. Eventually, I gave in to their complaints because I could not take anyone complaining that the air conditioning isn’t cold enough and that the heat wasn’t hot enough anymore. Due to me giving in, there were less complaints about the temperature on the thermostat, but our electric bill was higher.

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