House searching, bad air ducts

There are few things that I hate doing more than physically shopping for any product.

The process of going from establishment to establishment, searching for one specific item, is infuriating.

That’s why I tend to do all of my shopping online, where I can simply perform an item search and wait for the desired product to appear at my doorstep two days later. It’s the best invention in the world. I tried this method when we were shopping for a new house lately, but unfortunately, there are some things you just have to see for yourself. I learned this the hard way when I sincerely thought we had found the house of our dreams in an online posting, only to find out it had a ton of hidden issues once we actually arrived. Namely, the HVAC system was a huge deal breaker. From the moment we walked into the house we realized the temperature control situation was not under control. It immediately felt cold in the front hall, but walking towards the kitchen the temperature was at least ten degrees warmer. Throughout each room we noted extreme temperature fluctuations and air quality conditions overall. One room felt warm and humid, the next was freezing cold and dry. We inquired about the HVAC system and the realtor begrudgingly told us that the heating and cooling plan was well over 15 years old. We took one look at the temperature control equipment and knew immediately we needed to walk away from the rusty and outdated ventilation plan. Good thing we saw that old furnace in person.


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