How to Figure Out What SEER Rating AC You Should Buy

Because I recently replaced my Heating and A/C system, I l acquired about something called SEER.

SEER stands for something something energy something something.

It is the indicator of how efficient your air-conditioning is ranked according to the experts. Higher The Seer rating is on your AC, the more efficient it is deemed to be. The more efficient anything is, including your cooling system, the left energy it will use and the less it will cost to operate. In my neck of the woods, which is the southeast, I guess that Heating and A/C companies will only sell a 14 or higher. Additionally, the higher the Seer rating, the more the AC is likely to cost you up front. Therefore, the most logical thing to do is to see how much it costs to purchase and install an cooling system with a high Seer rating versus the same cost for an AC that is less energy efficient. Once you do that, you must use the estimate they deliver to tell you how much you are likely to save every year like going with the more fancy unit. For example, let us say your cooling system with the higher Seer rating costs $5,000 more to purchase and install. If you want to make your cash back within 5 years, you must be able to save at least $1,000 a year on your air conditioning and heating bill. If you cannot make your investment back over the amount of time that you want to make it, you are better off going with an cooling system that has a lower Seer rating.When I bought my current Heating and A/C unit oh, I decided to go with a Seer rating of 15.



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