How to quickly cool yourself when the AC breaks down all of a sudden

Like most other gadgets and appliances in the house, an HVAC system may break down unexpectedly.

When your furnace fails to heat or your AC no longer blows in cold air, you need to have a few strategies to guarantee your comfort before the system gets back to normal.

Fortunately, even before you think about calling an HVAC repairman for emergency services, you need to try a few tricks to keep yourself cooler in summer. Sometimes the heat can be too much to bear such that you have to improvise before the HVAC professional gets to your house. Note that there are times when the heating and cooling repair expert is not within reach or is in high demand that he is less likely to show up on the same day. Rather than put up with the overbearing heat, a few suggestions on keeping yourself cool may come in handy. It would help if you considered lowering the shades to minimize the greenhouse effect. Ensure no avenues are letting in hot air through the sunlight. Ensure you stay hydrated by taking a lot of water. Doing this ensures that you are not retaining too much heat and that your body cools naturally when you sweat, and there is increased evaporation on the skin surface. Consider natural cooling by opening the windows when the sun goes down. Doing this simply lets out some of the excess heat inside the house and allows cooler air from outside to get in. Turn the counter clockwise to allow the ceiling fans to cool the house without the air conditioning running. There are a few tricks that work perfectly.


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