HVAC helps insure the mortgage

It took a really long time but my wife and I finally found the perfect scenario in order to own our home. We are in our forties and both work as creative people. But after ditching the zone controlled HVAC of the office for our own efforts, our income took a beating. Yet, it was more important to have the opportunity to live a passion instead of showing up for a job inside commercial HVAC. We made this choice more than a decade ago. And while we love what we’re doing, we’ve had to make do with less money. So that meant renting an apartment until we found the right situation to buy. Finally getting out of an apartment is so nice. No longer are we tied to ancient HVAC equipment that isn’t adequate when it comes to air conditioning in the Summer. And really, that’s all we want from the heat pump around this region. The Winter just isn’t a worry so much. But getting into our house meant that we had to be able to rent out part of the home in order to generate enough income to insure that we had the mortgage covered every month. While more modest than it once was, our income can come in big piles or not at all for a month or so. Being able to install a ductless heat pump in a garage apartment has allowed us to have a renter. She’s a great lady and we coexist here nicely. She loves the ductless heat pump up in the garage apartment. Not only does it produce awesome air conditioning, it’s super efficient which also saves her money.


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