HVAC maintenance is money well spent

I certainly don’t enjoy spending more money than I need to.

Actually, I do my very best not to spend on anything that isn’t of value or needed.

And while I do spend on fun as I find that essential, I don’t throw away money on too much entertainment. Being this conscious of my spending begs the question as to why I spend my money on HVAC maintenance. There are several of my friends and acquaintances who question my being a part of the HVAC company’s HVAC service plan. I guess I can sort of understand that my spending on HVAC maintenance could be viewed as odd. But I think that also completely misses the point. I find that paying for consistent service on my HVAC equipment is more of a long term investment. I’m not spending my money on the HVAC service plan in order to simply enrich the HVAC company. No, my feeling is that every dime I put into the HVAC service plan will come back to me and then some. I plan to have my HVAC equipment for at least 25 years. And I like to enjoy uninterrupted heating and cooling comfort as well. It’s really a no brainer when you consider a few facts. First, as part of the HVAC service plan, I don’t have to pay for any labor or service calls if there is a problem with the HVAC unit. Second, there is abundant data that proves HVAC maintenance extends the life of an HVAC unit a minimum of 7 years. And finally, I spent a lot of money on quality heating and air equipment. So of course I’m going to take care of it.


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