HVAC maintenance made all the difference

I’m not too far from getting new residential HVAC.

In fact, that is happening in like 10 days.

The old heat pump just doesn’t have another Summer heat season in it. Down here, the heat is brutal month after month during the Summer. Last July, I noted that the heat pump was running more and more just to keep up with the air conditioning demand. So we eased up a bit on our cooling and made sure to keep the thermostat setting consistent. But by September, the cooling costs had skyrocketed and I was pretty sure that it was the end of the line for our heating and cooling equipment. The HVAC technician confirmed my suspicions and we started the process of getting the old heat pump replaced. It wasn’t a big hassle at all actually. I’m sort of in awe of how the HVAC professionals are taking care of all the details for us. Still, it’s amazing the amount of quality heating and air that we received from that old heat pump. It wasn’t the most expensive residential HVAC or the best on the market when we had it installed. But man, it provided outstanding heating and cooling for over 25 years. I have to attribute a good bit of that longevity to the fact that we always got seasonal HVAC maintenance. We never missed a heating maintenance in the Fall or an air conditioning tune up in the Spring. That’s all it took to have more than 25 years worth of flawless quality heating and air in our home.

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