I am always cold especially when I’m grocery shopping

I know that there are specific heating systems that are separated

It doesn’t matter where I am, I am always so cold. I can have jeans, sneakers, a long sleeved shirt and a jacket and I will still be cold. My husband gets annoyed with me because I’m always complaining about it. I went to the doctor’s and my thyroid levels were all normal, so that doesn’t contribute to me always being cold. I am skinny so maybe it’s just my body composition and I don’t have a lot of fat on my body to keep warm. When I go shopping, more specifically, grocery shopping I have to make sure I’m dressed appropriately. The worst section that I hate going into at the grocery store is the freezer and refrigeration section. It’s always so cold there and there’s a lack of heat coming from the air vents above. You think that there would be some kind of heat coming out of the vents above or some sort of heating system that controls the temperature from the front of the store and near the back of the store where the refrigeration and freezer items are located. I know that there are specific heating systems that are separated. For example if the grocery store had a mini split system installed, there would be separate thermostats where you could set the thermostat differently from the front and the back of the store. This would really help customers like myself who always try to avoid going into the refrigeration and freezer section because of how cold the temperature is. If this is installed it would eliminate that problem and I’m sure more customers would shop there!

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