I busy the tune-up, however nobody showed up to help

I busy a tune-up for our Heating, Ventilation & A/C unit, however nobody showed up to help.

The appointment was busy for 9 a.m.

on Wednesday day. It was our day away from work & the only day I had while in the week for the tune up. The company wanted to schedule the repair for Tuesday, even though I took the Wednesday day appointment instead. I made breakfast early, so the dining room was wash & the home was empty by the time that the Heating, Ventilation & A/C representative arrived. At 9 am, I didn’t see anyone at the front door. At 10 am, I decided to call the Heating, Ventilation & A/C Service Center. I told the lady on the iPhone that I was waiting for a tune-up worker to arrive. She told myself and others that the appointment was busy for the previous day. She also said that the worker was there on the previous day & no 1 was home. I told the lady on the iPhone. There was some type of mix-up, because the appointment was supposed to be busy for Wednesday day. There were no workers available to help & I had to reschedule the appointment for the following week. I’ve been waiting & waiting to get the work done, & now the un-even temperatures are starting to get cold. I really didn’t want to wait until the middle of the Winter time season to have the work performed, however it looks love that is going to happen. The next day I have available is not until the middle of next week. It will be almost Christmas before the gas furnace is ready.


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