I decided to try to fix my own air conditioner, here’s why it was a bad idea

It was a great day until the air conditioning unit went out.

It was an older unit, and the condo was a bit older too.

I decided to save money, I would look things up about fixing an HVAC unit. I read, watched videos and took notes on how to fix heating and cooling units, in different states and with different brands too. I had the tools and I was a pretty smart guy. I realized quickly it was about experience and troubleshooting things, when it came to fixing something complex like this. The air conditioning unit had wiring, bolts, and the electricity was dangerous so obviously it was the least active I could make it, but it took me a while to get comfortable up in the attic and with the tools. Usually a normal HVAC repair would take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours, but it took me 10 or 11. I took a few breaks, got frustrated at times and decided maybe I should have called someone. I toughed it out and got through the repair, but I had to be sure that the HVAC unit was working right and would work at all safely. I called my uncle who was a repair specialist for heating and cooling units and he said he would check the thing out on the weekend. It turns out I was indeed a rookie and left a few wires hanging, and one bolt unscrewed. He said it was a good job for my first time fixing an air conditioner. All in all, I saved money and not time.
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