I did a heating and A/C upgrade

I am finally almost done with my training at the heating and A/C contractor where I am working. They have been teaching me stuff by taking me out on tasks with other experienced heating and A/C professionals for the past couple of months. I’m ready to go out on my own, and today I did a heating and A/C upgrade by myself while they watched. Luckily for me, I seemed to remember everything. I did not forget any of the major parts of doing an air conditioner upgrade. The guy that is training me said that I did an entirely nice task, so my confidence is improving a little at a time. I am a bit uneasy about going out and doing heating and cooling upgrades all by myself, but I believe that I am just about ready to conquer my fears. The contractor that I’m working for is entirely amazing. I know if I ever end up having doubts or troubles, I can always just call into the office and someone will be able to help me or at least walk me through it. This week my friend and I were working on a single family residential air conditioner upgrade, however tomorrow my friend and I are working on upgrades for an entire office building. That is going to be genuinely strange from this upgrade, so I am looking forward to working on it. I want to learn everything that there is to know about heating and cooling upgrade, maintenance work, and repair. I cannot wait until I am ready to finally go out on my own one afternoon soon!

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