I didn't want to kill the honey bees

This week my fiance decided to expand the garden. We were looking at some Landscaping stuff at the super center and also found many different Charming flowers and also herbal plants that would look great in the backyard garden. I always wish there was more time to help with the project but I have particularly been working a lot of overtime hours every week. I am an Express driver for a sizable Lake Beach House delivery supplier that easily partners with local grocery stores. I bring customers food and Sundries after they place online orders using the online application. Everyone working for the company has been very busy due to the pandemic. You might suppose that I was loving the extra task and also the money, but it has been a consistent amount of stress. When I easily came lake beach house from task last night, my fiance was upset and sitting at the table in the dining room with an ice pack. She had a bee sting on her hand from being in the garden. I decided to locate The Beehive which I found next to the garden fence that connects directly to the hand railing. My fiance was done several times when walking to the Garden. We were dealing with some honey bees and they are actually endangered. Everyone called a honey bee rescue service and they safely relocated the honeybees to a farm several miles outside of the city district. We were thankful that the password was on and even happier that they did not have to die.


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