I don’t really care for flying so much

I will be the first to admit that I’ve never been a huge fan of flying.

As a matter of fact, flying on planes terrifies me.

I will typically make excuses to not fly whenever I have to travel. I’ll gladly take a train, bus, or rent a car over taking a plane anyday. Well, this last trip, I had to make it to my grandmother’s funeral, so I had no choice but to take a plane. It all happened so suddenly and the funeral arrangements were made in no time. So I managed to get a cheap flight, but the seating was cramped, and the air quality on the plane was lacking. It was good seeing family I hadn’t seen in a long while, but it was a sad occasion. Still, we all had a huge family dinner together and we all said a few words for my grandmother. On the flight back, I had to get on an adjoining flight. The initial flight was heavily delayed because there was a forest fire with heavy smoke in the airways. I was glad when we finally were going, but the adjoining flight was gone before I could reach it. I ended up getting a voucher to stay the night in a hotel. The hotel was surprisingly nice with fantastic air quality. I had the AC cranked in my room and got some room service. The food was good and I was able to sleep easily and then I was able to get my new flight early in the morning. When I finally got back home, I was so grateful to see my family again and take it easy for a little while.
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