I don’t want a central a/c

I don’t want a central a/c, & I wouldn’t take a central a/c if someone offered a central a/c to me. At this point, I have lived long enough separate from a central a/c that I am entirely not interested in getting a central a/c for my house. When I was a kid, nobody had a central a/c. Now, central a/cs did exist when I was a kid, but nobody that I knew had a central a/c. Only important buildings & printing shops had central a/cs. There might have been a few rich people that could afford a central a/c. However, none of the proper people in my town had a central a/c, & if they had affordable central a/cs in that time period, I do not suppose that my parents would have been actually interested in a central a/c anyway. My parents were actually old-fashioned, & they loved spending time outside. I am sure that if they would have gotten a central a/c, they would have feared that both of us would spend too much time inside; Due to this, I never had a central a/c, & I never missed it either. Now, I don’t think why I would get a central a/c. I have felt central a/cs before, & every time I am in a home that has a central a/c, I consistently feel cold. Furthermore, central a/cs are costly, & I am on a fixed income. I never want a central a/c, & I am perfectly pleased.



a/c serviceman

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