I got a bunch of free air filters

I don’t survive all that well without an air conditioner, and that’s the truth

I got some coupons at a village festival a few weeks ago, and I ended up easily feeling romantic about the coupons that were in there. They had lots of coupons for local restaurants and haircut shops and things such as that, however they also had coupons for heating and cooling companies. I was quite a bit more intrigued with the heating and cooling coupons than anything else in the entire coupon book. I seem to be consistently in dire need of help with our heating and cooling system because it seems like something will always go wrong with the Heating, Ventilation & A/C system in our house. I very much need to get a newer, high efficiency heating and cooling system, however I just don’t have the spare currency for it right now… Anyway, the coupon book was chock full of coupons for everything from HVAC system tune ups to free air filters and I was so gleeful to see them in there when I flipped through the book. All of the coupons helped me to make it through the first week of warm season. Without the coupons, I don’t guess what I would have done when in that time because the weather was easily heating up. I don’t survive all that well without an air conditioner, and that’s the truth. I job from home and so I think I need a better working air conditioner at all times or I can’t focus on our task. I’m feeling gleeful that the coupon book kept me going for the first space of the warm season. Without these coupons, I think I would have just gotten too hot to work!

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