I got an exterminator out to the house after the kids got stung

After I bought this residence, I noticed immediately that the place had a beautiful yard.

I easily have several cats plus dogs and also the old house had room for the animals to run and also play.

With a sizable yard, I am able to let the animals spend many hours outside every morning. It is very nice for each of us to easily see them enjoying nature. If I was an animal, I certainly would not choose to be inside of a house for all of the day. It can easily be difficult to get my animals inside because a single of them like to chase animals and run around the garden. Several mornings ago, I was out door and also noticed a single of the cats acting peculiar. The cat was limping and also holding a single of his paws. I closely inspected the animal and also saw a nasty sting on the bottom of her foot. After inspecting the size of the yard, I found a hive of yellow jackets. It was hanging from a limb of a tree that was right at the end of the property line. I decided to call an exterminator when I was easily stung by one of the Yellow Jacket. The intense pain was immediate + overwhelmed. I contacted the Exterminator and also gave them the information. The Exterminator came the very next day to remove the hive of yellow jackets. He carefully extracted all of the bees from the area and my wife and I will never have a problem with them again in the future.

Bee Extermination

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