I had no idea that fireplace cleaning would improve air quality & hot up our home

Our fireplace has always been where my pal and I gather to relax & bond over drinks & games when my pal and I have friends over. It’s an additional heating unit for our house, & I care about it because it reminds me of my Grandmother’s house. While I have been keen on handling heating repair for the gas heater & the backup electric heater, I never thought about it. The Heating & Air Conditioning professional once asked about it, & I dismissed her question by saying that my pal and I barely used it, so there was no point in servicing it. It did not even need a thermostat because my pal and I use wood on it, making it taxing to control anything about it. When I had a heating professional over for an annual heating unit servicing visit, everything changed. Of course, I only provided details for the other Heating & Air Conditioning replacement, but she saw the chimney & asked about it… After much explanation about how it needed to be cleaned, I agreed to have it checked. The heating specialist cleaned the main unit before moving to the fire area. The heating dealership representative also checked for any leaks that would bring water into the house, an issue I was made to understand would create a great environment for mold growth. I was lucky that after all my negligence, there was nothing that needed critical attention, & I did not have to worry about the heating repair. The evening after all the labor was done, I could tell the impressive change from the cleaning, & I loved it so much that I added it to the list of things the heating company specialist has to handle at least once a year.

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