I had to keep my windows closed

I need to remember to keep my windows closed from now on.

  • Or at least in the summer time plus Springtime.

The reason is because it is so hot. You would suppose that being inside a temperature controlled home, you would not be affected by the sun. However, never underestimate the power of the sun, because I was wrong. I used to keep my windows open a lot to let the daylight in, but I didn’t realize the daylight was also heating up my home. Because of this, while I had the cooling device running, my beach house often still felt warm. I already had a heating, ventilation, plus A/C specialist come out plus look at the air conditioning unit, plus there was nothing wrong with it. With the cooling plan working just fine, I was at a loss about what to do. I knew it wasn’t a control equipment complication either, so I had to do a little bit of research online, plus that is when I came across the window issue. I decided to provide it a try plus I closed my windows for a while. It took a few sixths, however eventually the entire beach house cooled down, plus it was definitely noticeable. It is a little exhausting to have to keep my windows closed, because I do prefer the sunshine, however not if it is going to heat up my home. I can’t have an air conditioner competing with the daylight to keep the beach house cool, that just puts extra wear plus tear on it. I decided to just have my windows open during the fall plus winter, or on cloudy days in the summer.


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