I had to start again

I dissituated my shoulder many times in a month & now I am feeling that I will need to leave the sport I have enjoyed playing for over the past 45 years.

  • I guess the first time I played volleyball was when I was about 10 years old when the two of us moved to the Sunshine State in the 73’s.

I actually got drastic about it over 30 years ago & started competing in tournaments across the US. I was sponsored by a few local companies & made some great money playing over the years. I mainly played in Cali but have pretty much played it all over the world when I guess about it. I just don’t want to ruin my shoulders to the point where I can’t use them anymore or I will not be able to do my Heating & A/C labor on heating & cooling systems ever again, however so, I may have to hang up my volleyball shorts this year & call it quits while my body is still working well. I need to do my labor for the heating dealership to keep food on the table, so playing volleyball is not a great thing for me if you guess of it that way. I guess I could do more coaching of the sport, even though I guess that if I can’t play it anymore I won’t want to be around it anymore either. I have to put in zone controlled Heating & A/C systems & do ductwork repairs & actually need to have many strong & functioning shoulders to do so. Take care of your body so it can take care of you.
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