I Just Wanted a Traditional Thermostat

My control machine chose the perfect time to die.

It died while in a modest time of year, so I wasn’t left with a freezing freezing or smoking warm house.

Because the temperature was so moderate, I had time to find a modern control unit. I wasn’t rushed to buy something modern plus have it installed right away, however one Tuesday day, I went to the local hardware store to check out what they had available in the control machine department. While I was browsing the selection, a salesman approached myself and others plus asked if I needed help. I kindly said no thank you, because I already knew what kind of control machine I wanted. I was planning on getting a traditional control unit, nothing costly. The salesman saw our response as an opening to try plus sell myself and others a smart control machine instead, which was twice as much money. I’d researched smart control units while in our free time, however I knew I’d never use it enough to spend that kind of money on it. The salesman continued to press myself and others on the details of the smart control machine anyway. He told myself and others all about the energy efficiency, how I could control it from our PC, plus how much money I’d save over time. When he was finally done speaking, I told him that I only wanted the traditional control machine because it was simple plus all I needed. I knew how to run our Heating plus Air Conditioning system properly plus I wasn’t interested in paying more. I don’t guess he appreciated our response, however I did tell him from the beginning that I wasn’t interested.


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