I learned a few things over the years about taking care of the HVAC

I didn’t know much about HVAC systems when I was young, but I wanted to learn about them.

I think I became interested in the HVAC ever since my parents caught me playing with the thermostat.

They said that I was not allowed to touch that or any electrical devices that I didn’t understand. The thing is, I was curious and I wanted to see what everything did around the house. When I was punished for messing with the thermostat, I learned that the higher the number went, the hotter it became in the house. The colder the number was, the more freezing it would be. I remembered the thermostat went down to 45 degrees, and I wondered who would want it to be so cold. I later learned that it’s good to set your thermostat to minimal settings when you go on a trip or something like that. It’s also wise to invest in a programmable thermostat or a smart thermostat. I learned the importance of changing the air filters over the years too. There was a time when I always got the cheapest air filters I could find. I thought I was putting more money in my pocket, but I was really setting up the HVAC system for failure. When you use those junk air filters, they allow all kinds of debris to get into your HVAC unit causing all sorts of issues. In my case, I had to pay for an expensive repair. I never want to have to do that again, so these days I’m on an HVAC service plan and my HVAC company takes good care of my HAC system.

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