I need to buy dampers for my ventilation system

My dad has been coming over to my condo a lot more now that my parents live in the same neighborhood as me.

I love hanging out with my dad when it’s something great like watching sports or fishing at the lake down the street.

I don’t prefer the visits where he has inspecting my condo to see how well I’m caring for it. I’m the one hand it’s nice as well as he helped me discover a problem with the roof, on the other hand it’s not superb when he has critiquing the quality of my floor paint in my garage! My garage is the last locale I worry about the floor having an aesthetic perfection to it. It gets beat up as well as driven on with my vehicle as well as I drop tools all the time. If I had the time as well as money to fuss over how well the paint looks out in my garage, I would certainly spend that time as well as money doing other things as well as painting the garage floor, however there are other times where it’s clear that my dad is just trying to help, but when I complained to him that it seemed like certain rooms in the condo had a unusual temperature than others, he got on the internet as well as started looking for solutions to the problem. He’s not an Heating as well as A/C professional however he used to toil with one at a task in the past. He was present while in a lot of Heating as well as A/C repairs as well as he was common with ventilation systems in particular. He knew there was a product that he just could not recall the name of, which ended up being dampers! The dampers control the flow of air throughout the air duct.


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