I need to get the heater fixed fast

Before the wintertime gets here, we have to get the heating method fixed in the van. It hasn’t been really working at all and even though we haven’t needed it during the springtime and the warm season, the time is coming where we will genuinely need it. It gets legitimately frigid here during the wintertime and there is just no way that we are going to be able to survive the wintertime separate from a heating method in the automobile that we drive around most of the time. I have been thinking about where to take the van to get the heating method fixed, but I don’t know of a good mechanic around here. I am afraid that if I take the van to the wrong person, I will end up getting ripped off! I don’t know all that much about cars at all, and I don’t know anything about car heaters. I was also really thinking that maybe I would call up one of the local A/C companies to see if they had any kind of advice for me. I don’t suppose why, however for some reason or another I feel like I can trust an HVAC serviceman much more than I can trust a mechanic! I don’t suppose if A/C servicemens know anything about car furnaces or not, but it seems like they easily would. I mean, to me, it seems like a heating method is a heating system. I don’t know, either way, I need to get on top of this problem, once the weather starts cooling down, it gets cold legitimately fast around here and I don’t want to be stranded without a furnace in the van.

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