I said never to try and fix a faulty AC ever again

I’ve been working as an auto specialist for a decade now, and I run my own auto shop in the city, then this is sort of a family corporation since both my dad and Grandpa were auto specialists, however, they worked for other bosses, even though I chose to go into business, now and then dad and Grandpa come to the shop and spend time working on the older models, then i’ve been so proud to teach them all the new vehicle technology, and Grandpa especially, eats it up.

He still likes his classic cars, however the new models are also quite efficient, however dad on the other hand is fully into new models, and he drives the 2022 Toyota 4Runner. He does restore classic models for resale however rarely drives them, but my associate and I are all hands on people, so my friend and I make sure to fix things back in our houses if they split or are faulty. This was the same mentality I had when I decided to fix my AC last summer. My partner mentioned there was something wrong with the AC since the cabin felt warmer each day. She tried changing the thermostat settings however nothing changed. My associate and I contacted the heating and AC corporation however they said it would be a day or two before an expert came to take a look at the faulty air conditioner. Since I fix vehicle air conditioners, I thought I’d take a look at the device and sort the issue, and well, I ended up causing the air conditioner to stop working, and nothing I did would turn it back on. I learned my lesson to leave the AC for the experts and focus on cars.

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