I saw a ton of HVAC trucks

I was out driving on the main road, and I noticed a yellow HVAC van drive by.

A few minutes later, an orange one drove by.

Then another, and another. I must have seen at least 5 different heating and cooling company cars. 3 of which were from different A/C companies. Wow, I knew there were a ton of HVAC businesses around here, but there were a lot more than I had thought. All of the heating and cooling vehicles were buzzing around like busy bees, and I am not surprised, considering that it is in the middle of summer. When summer rolls around, all of the heating and air conditioning companies become super busy. The intense heat of summer causes a lot of air conditioning devices to break down, and then a ton of people call for the help of certified cooling specialists. As I spot yet another cooling worker, I can’t help but to feel grateful that I don’t have to worry about the hassle that comes with summer. I work a normal office job, and while it has its ups and downs, at least I can stay in my nice zone controlled HVAC office, and not have to worry about the intense summer heat, or worrying about other people getting mad at me if I am late to their appointments. Yeah, I’ll stay in my nice cool work office instead of being outside in that weather. I am grateful we have those cooling specialists though, because indoor comfort would practically be nonexistent without them.


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