I started a business

The village that I am living in is in dire need of a heating and cooling business.

When I first arrived at this village, there were no HVAC units at all, and many of the villagers would die due to the severe heat and cold.

I built a window air conditioner for every family in the village so that summers would be more tolerable for them. After finishing the window air conditioners, I trained two of the villagers to be HVAC technicians. While these two villagers did not go to HVAC collage, they only had window air conditioners and a few other heating and cooling units to work on so they didn’t need to learn much. After training them, we built a portable space heater for every home in the village. This made winters better and the survival rate greatly increased. Now that every home in the village had a window air conditioner, a portable space heater, and a small HEPA air purifier, we had really no work to do. One frequent problem we ran into was that the villagers needed some new parts for their a/c or furnace and they would have to walk miles just to ask us to get them the part. I decided to build a heating and cooling business in the village square so that everyone that needed parts could find them quickly at the store. I also would build a little ship in the heating and cooling business where villagers could bring their furnaces, a/c units, and air purifiers when they broke and I and the other two HVAC technicians could fix them.



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