I think I will use my fireplace this Christmas

I have a fireplace in my living room, but if the truth be known I rarely use it.

I do enjoy the Ambiance that a fireplace provides, however, fireplaces are really not all that great a source of heating.

That is unless you get one of those fireplace inserts to turn your fireplace into an actual heater. In that event, your fireplace can be a good heater. That is not what I have, though. What I have is an old fashioned wood burning fireplace. In fact, when I choose to use it, it makes such a big mess that I normally wish that I would have just turned the thermostat on my heater up higher instead of dragging all that wood and creating all that Ash that has to be cleaned up and so on. Anyway, I am having a change of heart this Christmas. I am beginning to think that I will use my fireplace this Christmas. In fact, I already have used it. I made the Trek out to the local grocery store to pick up a bag of Wood. That would have already been burned in my beautiful fireplace, and I made sure to take nice pictures of it to post on social media. Anyway, I did discover that the fireplace really is not a good heater. I was sitting right in front of it, and I really could not even sense any heating coming into the room from it. I also scared the heck out of my dog. She was looking at me like why are you setting a fire in the living room? In any event, it was pretty, even though it really wasn’t a good heat source. Thankfully, I do have a good HVAC system with strong Heating and Cooling, so I did not have to rely on the fireplace to keep me warm.


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