I volunteered to install my mother’s new window air conditioner

My mom is starting to get weaker now that she is in her 60s. Since my father has been out of the picture for years now, she relies on herself to do everything around the house whenever her neighbors don’t volunteer first. It’s hard when I visit and see my mom teetering on a ladder while attempting to clean her rain gutters. That’s why I decided to move back to her area so that I can be closer to help her several times each week. I love the arrangement because I get free meals from a woman who is known for her delicious cooking. Last week I helped her install a new refrigerator. Since I have a pickup truck, I picked it up from the appliance store and brought it into her house without needing a delivery crew. If you ever lay a refrigerator on it’s side, you have to be careful and leave it sitting upright for at least 24 hours so the coolant inside the compressor can settle again. This week I’m installing a brand new window air conditioner in her living room. Her home is fairly old and never had a central air conditioner. She has a ductless mini split in her bedroom but has been using a window a/c in the living room for years. When the old one stopped working last week, I offered to buy her a new one and install it myself. Since I’ve installed a few window air conditioners in the past when I was living in apartments, I’m not too worried about getting this done without any other help. I’m eager to see my mom getting on demand cooling in her living room again.


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