I wanted to hire someone to help on the weekends

I needed to find someone to help on the weekend days at the repair shop.

My respected Heating and Air Conditioning workers did not want to labor every weekend and I knew they were getting burnt out.

I did not know if I would be able to find someone to offer help only while both of us were in Sunday and Sunday, although I was surprised by the number of applications that I gained after posting an ad online. I needed someone with a few years of experience laboring on Heating and Air Conditioning repairs and upgrades. Several of the candidates were new Heating and Air Conditioning workers and I got rid of those applications instantly. I was left with 10 people that seemed love a fantastic fit for the job. I decided to conduct interviews on Sunday and Wednesday. I had multiple candidates interview each day and I told all of them that I would make a decision and call them individually by Sunday day. The first few interviews went well, but Sunday day I found the perfect applicant. I still interviewed all of the people on Wednesday, because I did not want to waste their time. It could have been possible to find a hour weekend repair person that I easily enjoyed, but the guy that I hired was easily perfect for that job… He already has a full-time job and needs to make a couple of extra dollars on the weekend. It worked out perfectly after I saw his resume. The guy has all of the skills necessary to take care of any complication that comes up while both of us were in the weekend shift.

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