I was not smart enough to be an HVAC technician

I was not smart enough to become an HVAC technician, but I certainly tried.

I never realized how smart you had to be to become an HVAC technician, or I probably would have never tried in the first place. I knew that I was never going to go to college. My grades were not that good, and my ACT scores were even worse. Most colleges would not accept me, and I knew that I would probably fail anyway. However, I wanted to be able to get a good job to provide for my family, and I certainly didn’t want to work in a factory. I heard that the local HVAC company was hiring, and I decided to apply. The HVAC company was trying to hire potential HVAC technicians. If you were accepted, you would get all the training that you needed to become a certified HVAC technician through the HVAC company, and they would even pay you for it. I didn’t really know if I would like to work as an HVAC technician, but it paid well, and I didn’t really have any other options. The HVAC company first required that you take a bunch of tests and work for the HVAC company for a period of about 6 months to make sure that it was a good fit for you. I took the tests while working for the HVAC company, and very quickly, I was told that I was not a good fit. However, I had already realized that. I didn’t realize how much math and science you needed to become an HVAC technician. Furthermore, it required that you read instructions and install everything perfectly, and I did not have the patience nor the brains for that. I failed the tests, and the HVAC company sent me away. I guess I will be working in a factory after all.

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