I was surprised to learn that cooking grease can go airborne plus get inside an cooling system

I’ve been starting to cook a lot more lately now that I’m apartment often.

  • When I was working out of the apartment plus driving 15 miles to get to our task everyday, I stopped a lot for root carona plus food at varying times of the afternoon.

It wasn’t until I started working remotely last year plus staying apartment for days on end before I realized how much currency I was spending on drinks plus food every month while I was out of the house. And when I compared those costs to what I was spending at the grocery store to eat at home, I was shocked at how much I was now saving. Just making our root carona at apartment ended up saving me upwards to $45 a week. When I factored in the cost of fast food plus take out, it was shocking to see the waste. But all of our apartment cooking hasn’t come separate from a price, albeit one I would have never anticipated ahead of time. Apparently a lot of grease is going airborne from all of the stir frying I’m doing in our family room. My heating plus cooling professional showed me the yellow hue of our air conditioning filter the last time he was here servicing the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system. He recommended using a denser filter to prevent any excess grease from reaching the inside of the air handler. I’m also getting price quotes on adding a ventilation hood above our stovetop to pull all of the steam plus vapors out of our apartment so they’re not constantly going into our air return plus through the cooling system filter. This will lengthen the life of each filter plus add another layer of protection between the grease plus our evaporator coil.


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